If you threw a party…what would you wear to host it?

Darlings! I know it is 2011. I know that the 80s and early 90s hold terrible style memories for many of us (rainbow spandex pants with approximately 1 dozen gimp bracelets AND parrot earrings is one well loved outfit I hope no one ever recreates, unless her name is Claudia Kishi).

You may think of the Golden Girls and think ‘blech! 80s! Old people!’ But I think the Golden Girls are some of the most stylish ladies to ever grace our television sets. Have you ever closely looked at those clothes the girls wore? Even if they were sometimes drowning in fabric, there were some gems. Plus – I have to add, it is really not the Girls’ fault! The 80s and early 90s were terrible to almost everyone.

And the Girls were always impeccably put together. Makeup, hair, jewlery, clothes….they never looked less than perfect.

So, we do think a lot of their style can be transferred to 2011. So….if you are wondering which Golden Girl you share your style with, take the quiz and find out! Later, we will be doing style profiles and finding some cool items that you might like!

P.S. I am an even blend between Rose and Sophia. Irene is Dorothy with a dash of Blanche. So, between us, we have you covered no matter what your style!

Now for the fun part!

You can only wear one accessory today, what will it be?

A) A strand of pearls
B) A structured bag
C) Giant earrings
D) A chunky necklace

Describe your style personality in one word:

A) Sweet
B) Classic
C) Sultry
D) Tough

It’s date night! To impress that special gentleman or lady in your life, you reach for:

A) A floral sundress
B) A crisp shirt-dress
C) Anything with a plunging neckline and a touch of spangle
D) A structured little black dress

When you eat cheesecake at 3 AM with your best friends, you wear:

A) fuzzy slippers and a pretty robe
B) A housecoat
C) A silky floaty negligee with matching robe
D) striped men’s pyjamas


If you answered mostly A’s – you and Rose Nylund would love to go shopping together! Your style is sweet and feminine. You like floral prints, soft colours, cardigans, and you keep your jewelry simple – just a strand of pearls and a gold watch!

Rose Nylund

If you answered mostly B’s – Just like Sophia Petrillo, you and your style are classic! Structured bags, crisp shirt dresses, wedge heels, aviator sun glasses, dark denim – you are timeless.

Sophia - 1st General Look

If you answered mostly C’s – Blanche Deveraux has some competition! With your bright colours, plunging necklines, and a touch of sparkle on top of flattering feminine tailoring, you love to knock the menfolk dead.

Blanche - 1st look

If you answered mostly D’s – Just like Dorothy Zbornak, you are one tough cookie! You like bold statement peices of jewelry paired with structured, beautifully draped clothing – topped off with killer boots!

Dorothy Zbornak

If you answered some combination of A,B,C,D – You are a fashion chameleon and you love to change it up!

Stay tuned for some gorgeous looks!

your gals,

Stephanie and Irene


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