Darlene Connor

God, Darlene was a bitch. Nothing like Sara Gilbert, the soft spoken, pleasantly accessorised, vegan mother of two lesbian we now see every afternoon on The Talk (I mean, you could see it everyday. If one was into that kind of thing. That thing being shows that are a total half baked rip off of The View, which I assure you, I am not). She was always giving Becky a hard time for being stuck up and trying to apply herself at school, or trying to kill DJ, or just generally screaming at Dan and Roseanne for not understanding her. None of these were the most pathetic of her victims though. Oh no, that honour goes to David. Poor long suffering David. (Don’t feel too badly for him though, I’m pretty sure contemporary David is,or at least was at some point, giving it to that cute blonde girl who is on The Show with the Funny Science Stereotypes with him). The only person who was ever actively nice to her, the one who believed in her dreams, who dated her for years with no sex, and what does she do? Craps on him at every turn.

So, what to wear if ’90’s grunge super-bitch-virgin-artist’ is the look your going for? Behold

Darlene Connor

Darlene Connor is the epitome of independant rebellious teenager, and she had the 90’s grunge style to back it up. Men’s plaid shirts, Dr. Marten boots, and nothing but black. She probably didn’t even know what an accessory was. The modern Darlene has embraced a dark independant style with just a touch of the feminine to bring her look into the 21st century. Still in jeans and plaid, with the classic docs, this rebellious teen has discovered lace with a hard edge and a few mean acessories.


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