My couch had Roosters

You know what show I totally didn’t get when I was little and it was on originally, but now I can’t pass by when I see it on Dejaview everyday? Roseanne. I guess it’s probably because the show is so much about the struggle of the middle class, and everyone is kind of unfulfilled and disillusioned and surly all the time. They touched on some really sensitive subjects; abortion, child abuse, infidelity. Yet, through, it all – even when Becky married that loser Mark (although, he was totally hot, remember him on Angel?) and maybe worst of all, Tom Arnold happened – they were funny.

It’s maybe not the kind of thing you really get when you’re twelve. The underlying dissatisfaction with the world at large can kind of ruin your day if you’re not mature enough to understand social commentary. Or haven’t yet understood that sometimes screaming is love. You mostly just feel sad for these people who scream a lot, and have a couch that looks, well, the way their couch looked. (Seriously, people Google it, I’ll wait. Pretty depressing right?) I just wanted to play Girl Talk with the kids down the street and think about how completely boss Stephen Slade looked in class today, and the things happening on Roseanne could really bring a girl down.

Part of the problem might also be that we totally had a couch reminiscent of theirs (points to my family, ours had roosters on it). My sister and I screamed at each other a lot, probably more than Becky and Darlene. My parents struggled to pay our bills. Though, to their credit I think my sister and I were much less aware of the struggle than the Connor children were.

So, the point is, now I ‘m ostensibly a grown up. I get that when the Connors are screaming at each other they can do this so openly because of their love. I too have been unable to pay my bills. I have been unemployed. I know the struggle of the proletariat! So, I no longer find them weirdly depressing, and have discovered that this show is f-word hilarious.

Also, Laurie Metcalf? Total comedic bad ass, that doesn’t hurt.

Oh, and yes, I watch Dejaview everyday. It’s research people, don’t judge.

Phew. Now that we have assessed the value of the show from a sociological point of view, let us dissect their fashion sense.


3 responses to “My couch had Roosters

  1. hjg

    Totally agree – I didn’t get Rosanne as a kid, but man! Did it did a good job of depicting lower-middle class life in a way that made it OK for ppl to watch & become part of the main stream TV. You don’t see that much anymore.

    Oh, and about the couch?
    We owned a blanket like the one Cate Blanchett is wearing as a dress.
    Does that make my parent’s home furnishings couture?

  2. Wowza. When I was searching for images of the couch I did see that person dressed in an afgan as a thumbnail, but I never inquired further to find out that it was Cate Blanchett. That’s pretty amazing. Your parents living room was clearly a top fashion house.

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