Becky Connor

Oh Becky. The pretty one. The blonde one. The skinny one. The one who could have made it out of lower middle class obscurity if only it weren’t for that greasy (hot) Mark character. The one who was two, actually. Becky Connor is one of those infamous sit-com characters who was played by two people. Becky is unique in that the change is actually addressed in the show and the situation becomes a running joke for the rest of the series. The weirdest, and most confusing part for viewers who have come to love the show in re-runs is that Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke both continued to play Becky. Anyway, I digress. As I was saying if ‘good girl who made questionable life decisions’ is your look the least you could do is try to be stylish. Ta-da.

Becky Connor

Becky Connor was without a doubt the ‘good girl’ and conforms to it’s ideals with feminine colours and lines, always keeping her attire modest and body conscious. She lives in fuller skirts, oversized tops, and trouser fit pants. But this was a good girl with a temper and a lot of personality, one who wasn’t afraid to take a risk. Eloping at 17 and living in a trailor? She gets flirty with a floral detail, girly hue or a hint of skin, but nothing is tight or overtly sexy. Becky loved a printed sweater and we have embraced that, modernizing the fit. Her risks come in things like a funky sunglass, chunky cocktail ring or a printed shoe. Why so many shoes? Well, every good girl has a shoe obsession. Amirite?


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