Jackie Harris

Quite obviously ‘Roseanne’ was, you know about Roseanne. The show
sprang from her brain and she was it’s heart. But for me, Aunt Jackie
was the real glue of the show. She was the person the Connor kids were
always running to when any given family member was making their life
suck, the one who drove Dan absolutely insane with her meddling and
muddling, the one Roseanne was able to manipulate the best. For me she
is certainly the most lovable, and probably the most relatable. She
was just mind-blowingly unlucky in love-maybe even a tad slutty,
incredibly bad at lying, and could. not. handle. any sort of tragedy.
She was flawed yes, but she did it all hilariously.

Looking to be a lovable screw-up? Here’s endearing loser fashion 101.

Jackie Harris

Jackie was the younger/slimmer/single sister, and so by extension she
was, when given the opportunity, ‘the sexy one’. Often choosing body
skimming dresses for nights on the town, and sweat shirts and jeans
with slightly less of a surplus of fabric than Roseanne; Jackie had a
touch of the trashy in her style. In the end though Jackie was a small
town girl who very seldom had any place to go and will swear by the
basics, jeans, t-shirts, comfy shoes, practical outerwear – except for
those few occasions when she can turn up her vamp factor. To pay
homage to aunt Jackie the key is simplicity, with a hint of sexy.


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