Roseanne Connor

Also, known as the Domestic Goddess. I know you guys, she’s totally a pushy loudmouth. But with three insane kids, a husband, a sister who can barely take care of herself and a job and home to take care of, sometimes overbearing blowhard is the only effective way to get stuff done. I personally find her brand of realness kind of refreshing. Roseanne wasn’t all screams and demands all the time. She really was, in a way we’re perhaps not accustomed to seeing on prime time television, a loving wife and a good mother to her kids. Was Roseanne perfect? Did she make the right choices all the time? Would any of us necessarily want to recognise ourselves in her? No, she wasn’t, and that, my friends, is what makes her one of the real-ist (yeah, it’s a word) portrayals of wife/mother we’ve had in a sitcom. She is the blue collar goddess.

Roseanne Connor

Roseanne is a bold individual and she makes some bold fashion choices, an unapologetically red coat, a patterned dress, oversized jewelery. Under that brash exterior though she is also a tired wife and mom, who needs to be able to make the lunch and drive car pool and get to work on time. For this it is practical foot ware, tops she can move in and realistically cut denim.


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