And in my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine!

Gawd, I used to be so obsessed with Blossom. I was seven when the show started and as a child who already loved hats, flowers, dresses, and sparkles, I grew quite fond of Blossom and Six and dreamy Joey Lawrence.

The credits were obviously the best part of the show, and I do truly believe that Blossom’s gold sequin skirt cemented in my heart a lifelong love of glittery things. I also loved her hats. I think I actually wanted to be just like Blossom, since I wore hats everywhere when I was a kid. I had one that was a print of purple and turquoise cats. I had a black velvet one with a flower pinned to the upturned brim (just like Blossom). I had an old man style watch cap. Those were just my favourites. I wore them everywhere.

I still adore hats and glittery things, and I credit Blossom and Mayim Bialik (whom I adore and am so happy is back on TV as Amy Farrah Fowler). Sidenote: you can watch whole episodes of Blossom on youtube! Not that I spent an entire night doing just that…

Onto the look book!

Blossom’s look is all about feminine garments with a menswear feel. She wore a lot of vests (I did too!) over flowy dresses, flowy shirts, high waisted large pants, or skinny jeans. She also wore a lot of oxford shirts, decorated headbands, and of course – hats. For my first try at the Blossom look, I went for a menswear feel with the high waisted cashmere trousers and the vest, paired with the femininity of the pink ruffled shirt, the flowy dress, fabulous shoes and cute accessories. And of course – there are some dramatic and beautiful hats!

2 responses to “And in my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine!

  1. GoldenGals

    My most vivid memory of the show is the skirt made of ties. I was desperate for one of those, yet I was too lazy to learn to sew. It was SUCH a predicament. I still haven’t learned to sew and it turns out, after some thoughtful consideration I still want a skirt made of ties! Damn it! What will I do? Who will make this for me?!

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