I am on vacation this week! I’m so excited to be relaxing in my favourite city in the world and hanging out with friends I don’t get to see often. I woke up at the crack of dawn today because I am super excited so I thought while my gracious hosts are sleeping I would write a little.

So, onto today’s post – more Blossom goodness for you guys!

I looooved Blossom. And I totally wanted to be just like her. She was smart, pretty, a fun dancer and the star of the show. But the reality was – I was a little more like Six. Motor mouthed, scrunchied, a little bit annoying, and definitely the side kick.

Blossom’s look was a little more sophisticated than Six. And by “sophisticated” I mean she sometimes looked like a miniature Golden Girl (which I of course love, but I must be honest). Six’s clothes were shorter, louder, tighter and Imma be honest…sometimes cuter than B’s.


The modern Six is fun and flirty, to borrow a phrase from Cosmo. I see cute little floral dresses, with cowboy boots and a cropped denim jacket. When the sun goes down, leggings and a pretty tunic top can ward off the chill. All with super cute accessories of course!


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