It Turns Out Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That

Let us preface the inaugural installemt of this series with this – We f word love Kate. We love her impossibly glossy long locks, we love her apparently very real girl attitude, we love her hunky prince of a husband, and God in heaven we adore that she’s making day dresses happen and sleeves a trend. If her regal style can bring an end, even an abaitment to, too short too tight and strapless we will literally be forever grateful.

We would however, love to point out that even the glorious Kate Middleton isn’t without inspiration. While we’re all falling all over ourselves to buy whatever it is she happens to be wearing right this second she’s busy wearing a lot of really classic style elements. It just happens that she makes them seem luminous and luxurious and life changing! Why? Maybe it’s her insanely teeny waist, or her great hair and smile. It might also have a little something to do with the HRH and the fact that most of us have a bit of a latent – or in my case, a not so latent – princess fantasy.

I also think it’s going to be totally fun to compare what Kate wore at the most recent Convention of International Royalness to what Blanche Devereaux wore on a date with some dude from the dance hall named Clyde. Thus, I give you,  the first edition of  “It Turns Out Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent that.”

Oh yes, I’m doing it. I’m comparing the most famous blue dress in the world to something a 60 year old lady wore in the 80’s. And guess what? It’s working. Royal blue? Check. Nipped in waist? Yep.  Flattering V-neck? Indeed. Modestly ladylike, yet fun? Sure is.

So, there we are! It’s just that simple to compare Princess Catharine to Rose, Queen of St. Olafian dummies.


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