Mad Men Madness

So, who else didn’t know about the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic? I had NO IDEA. When I walked by BR today I felt like one of those cartoons with my eyes popping out.

After perusing the collection I have decided that I LOVE EVERYTHING. Ahem…but I really do mean that. I love it ALL. I especially love the ladylike dresses with sleeves. SLEEVES. You can’t see me but I’m actually doing a fist pump right now. I am attending two Catholic weddings this fall and guess what I’m wearing? That’s right, a gorgeous dress with sleeves! Thank YOU, Banana Republic!

Here are my must-haves from the collection:

BR Mad Men Things I Love

Keep your eyes peeled OUR takes on Betty, Joan, and Don’s style, coming this week. And let us know what your favorite pieces of the BR collection are!


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