I Wish I Could Get Drunk at the Office

Image courtesy of California Literary Review

I almost can’t even pull myself together enough to explain how hard I love Mad Men. This show is all kinds of everthing I love. It’s like what would happen if my adoration of fashion and pop culture had a baby with my love of history and nostalgia.

The way they’ve turned Sterling Cooper Draper Price into a microchasm of American culture at the time is just brilliant. The clothes, the sets, the unrelenting sence that everyone and everything is so cool, the simmering tension of the 1960’s. The clothes!

There is also Don Draper. People, have you seen Don Draper? I mean, have you? His amount of hotness and distant charm, mixed with that hint of being dangerous or unstable is out of control. He just does what he wants, whenever he feels like it. He’s so smooth and full of great ideas. He practically made me want one of those Maiden Form pointy bras, you guys. There are few fictional characters I find as intriguing, or as totally sexy. Sometimes, I think I’m actually in love with him when I watch the show – that’s probably not healthy right?

Anyway, the point is that this is a great show that we love. It’s also the perfect show for the format of our blog, seeing as the fashions are so awesome as to almost be another character.

So, let’s get ourselves a drink at 11am and light a smoke in the office, while we take a look, shall we?


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