Don’t You Dare Lie To Me, I’ll Cut Your Fingers Off.

She’s Beautiful, unfulfilled, repressed, quietly bitchy. She’s a model, a mother of two, an equestrian. She’s everything a wife in the 1960’s was supposed to be; pulled together at all times, apparently lacking in any vice, an expert at turning a blind eye. She also convinced Don Draper to settle down and marry her – for as long as that lasted – so she must be incredibly sexy and cool as well.

Betty Draper

As a model, this woman knows fashion and isn’t afraid to participate whole heartedly. She may be a mom, but she has Carla to take care of anything that might require getting her hands dirty. Being Mrs. Don Draper means thatĀ having the right outfit to host a dinner part, meet him in the city, and attend swanky ceremonies is a neccessity – and she never comes up short.

Betty also has the means to indulge in things a lot of us wouldn’t dream of. Pricey jewllery and impractical, but awesome shoes. Even her essentials – day dresses and active wear are high end. Betty favours fuller skirts than Joan or Peggy, a nod to the fact that she is already a Mrs. and might be holding tight to the silhouette of her ‘youth’ from the 50’s. Matching her personality she goes for subdued, cool colours, but loves to play with pattern and embellishment.


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