We Haven’t Fogotten

We would like to apoligise for the lack of posts lately. There are a few reasons for this.

Stephanie spent the last week on an east coast getaway with her man. They roadtripped, they ate great food and heard great music and met with old friends. Imagine my surprise when she didn’t want to spend her afternoons posting. What a weirdo.

My excuse is less fun. It turns out I am death to all electronic devices. I was aware of this before now. You see, I single handedly killed two (yes, two) of my ex-boyfriends computers without even trying. He was kind of a jerk, so on some level I probably did it on purpose. If he asks however, the official party line is still ‘Shut up! – No person in their right mind would knowingly kill TWO computers, that’s too obvious. If I wanted to punish you I’d put laxitives in your protein powder or replace your hair thickening shampoo with nair’

Anyway, the fact that I am electronics plauge became clear again last night. Everything I tried to do on the Internet failed wildly. Twitter hated me, the blog hated me, polyvore hated me. Just now as I sit in starbucks my laptop seems to have pooped the bed. It’s frozen three times in less than an hour, the task manager doesn’t work, all the little right clickety dialogue boxes won’t close! I’m pretty certain other Starbucks patrons would like if the angry grunting girl by the fake fireplace would leave and stop weirding everyone out. But I won’t. I will make this post happen.


One response to “We Haven’t Fogotten

  1. stephaniegal

    Haha! I am sorry to laugh but I can just see everyone in Starbucks inching away as they get more and more worried about a laptop to the head!

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