No Crying in the Breakroom, That’s What Your Apartment is For

She might just be the sexiest secretary of all time. The piles of red hair, a body not seen since Jessica Rabbit, and a voice like honey. All this and she is also highly effective in the workplace, getting the men everything their hearts desire and keeping all the other office girls in line. Joan knows exactly what power she holds and how to use it, and knows just how far it will get her. It is also clear that under all that she wants to be taken seriously, to be seen as important beyond her physical assets.

Joan Holloway-Harris

At work she is all business. Somehow managing to be completely covered up while leaving nothing to the imagination. She uses impeccable fit, bold accessories and sky high heels to their greatest advantage. When she’s not at the office she wants to be a regular girl favouring simple lines, feminine accessories, even something a little shapeless to hide all the sexy that is typically on display.


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