Stop Barging in Here and Infecting Me With Your Anxiety

If I lived in Mad Men world I would want to be Joan. I would be so hot and quick witted and have the best outfits. The only exception is I would be married to Don Draper instead of that wet blanket Betty. It literally could not be any better.

However, if I did live in Mad Men reality there is about a 100% chance I would be incarnated as Peggy. There is nothing wrong with Peggy. I really like her. She’s cute and super hard working and smart. She’s a trail blazer you guys! Plus, in recent years her outfits have gotten better and shes acquired a certain kind of sexiness. It’s just that she’s the girl who struggles with wanting to be sexy and desirable while also wanting to be taken seriously as a professional. She’s the girl the boys all see as one of them. No one is falling over themselves to open the door for her at the end of the night, no one wants to take her out on Friday. I’ve already been that girlin this life! So, I want to be Joan Draper, ok?!

Peggy Olson

Like I said, Peggy struggles with the dichotomy of wanting to be a sexy young woman and also needing to be taken seriously at the office. This struggle is played out in the way she dresses. She keeps girly things like jewelery and shoes minimal and functional, and her dresses tend to be straight cut without a lot of embellishment. She will play up her femininity with pattern, and things she’ll wear outside the office like scarves, hats and other accessories.


One response to “Stop Barging in Here and Infecting Me With Your Anxiety

  1. stephaniegal

    If I lived in Mad Men, Mrs. Joan Draper would also be my reality. There could totally be Mad Men parallel universes to accommodate us both. Shush. Don’t ruin the dream.

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