Kate didn’t invent that: dresses with sleeves

Kate Middleton didn’t invent dresses with sleeves.

But MY GOD people, I am sure glad she is bringing them back into the public’s favour. I actually have nothing against strapless or sleeveless dresses, and I’ll bare my arms if I have to. But it would be nice to have more variety and more options. It would be nice to toss on a dress for work and not have to belt a cardigan over it. It would be nice to wear a dress to a church wedding and not have to drape myself in a pashmina.

I realize that there are options out there currently but I’m a greedy girl and I want more! I want cap sleeve, bracelet sleeve, elbow-length sleeve, full-length sleeve, off the shoulder sleeve options. In every style, in every season. And I don’t want to have to order from spendy places like J.Crew and Banana Republic (both which have lovely sleeved dresses available right now). I want to walk into Winners, Joe Fresh, H&M, Dynamite, RW&CO etc and find affordable options.

So while Kate Middleton didn’t invent that, I sure am glad that her influence might bring them back to mainstream retail.


3 responses to “Kate didn’t invent that: dresses with sleeves

  1. Lisa

    Sing it, sister! All I want in life is a non-ugly dress with sleeves. Like you, I am tired of wearing cardigans and jackets with all my work dresses. I also don’t want to look 75. Let’s pray for a middle ground.

  2. jane

    As one who is endowed in the chestal area, and cannot wear strapless bras without being horribly uncomfortable & constantly hiking them back into place, I too crave owning cute dresses with sleeves that allow me to wear my bra with straps & not have to announce it to the world.

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