Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco

I’m pretty sure that two of the first words that spring to mind when you think of Princess Grace are glamourous and elegant.

She was definitely both. I’m also sure that I don’t need to explain that Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco, was an academy award winning actress who married a Prince and became ruler of a small principality in Europe. Because you know that. Because Princess Grace is synonymous with the words beautiful, elegant, and glamourous.

She lived the dream! My dream, anyway. And I mean – who didn’t daydream constantly about winning oscars, being a beautiful actress, and an adored princess. Those right there were my top 3 fantasies. Beautiful actress smiling seductively in front of a bank of cameras? Yep! Wearing a sequined gown while accepting my academy award? check! Adjusting to my life as a just and kind ruler who had been elevated to royalty from peasanthood after marrying a handsome prince!? BEST FANTASY EVER.

In my poring over articles about her in the last few days, I have really cemented my feeling that Princess Grace is the most stylish person of the 20th century. She was classic, but modern. She remixed her wardrobe, before that was a thing. She lent an air of elegance to everything she wore. And above all, she defined for us what ladylike, classic style is.

Here is my take on what to wear if you’re inspired by Princess Grace:

Modern Grace

And for fun, check out the Daily Mail’s envisioning of what a Modern Grace would wear!


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