As You Wish

How many times have you heard the words “I’m the princess and its my day”, or something like that, uttered? A lot, I’m betting. Maybe in the movies, maybe on a reality show, maybe in real life – maybe you were the one uttering them! I’m not judging.

The word Princess connotes a certain image, one that says Princesses are special. They’re beautiful. Elegant. Glamourous. And unique. They’re kind and warm hearted. Not to mention – they’re rich, and they live in luxury. Not everyone gets to be a princess. So it is no wonder that the Bridal industry has become intertwined with the Princess phenomenon. Who doesn’t want to be a prince or princess, deep down?

And, let’s face it – we live in a very casual-clothing society. There isn’t much call for suits, shined shoes, white gloves, hats, or even proper undergarments anymore. I mean…people wear yoga pants to work. Sometimes in an Office. But at a wedding, you are expected to be dolled up and fancy! It is a no yoga pant zone! It is a perfect reason to indulge that desire for luxury and glamour. It’s probably the only time most of us will have a reason to wear a gown. It is a special time in your life.

When we first talked about Princess Week here at GoldenGals weddings came up almost instantly. Between the princess-wedding connection and the fact that we eff-word LOVE weddings (maybe more precisely, wedding dresses) it was pretty much a given that we had to feature them in some way this week.

Here is some Irene and Stephanie trivia for you – we met at library school(yes, that’s a thing).That place of learning about classification, organization and storage of knowledge. So, its no wonder that we love to classify things (I bet our Golden Girl quiz makes a bit more sense for you now, right!?), things like weddings.

We’ll bet you can guess what’s coming.

Here are four looks we have envisioned for the traditional, the rebellious, the glamourous and the fairytale Princess Bride:









Also, please don’t let the stereotypes of our chosen profession fool you. Some librarians are tres fashionable. Are there a lot of cat sweaters and too short pants? Sure. But we promise that’s not us.


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