If We Were Princesses

Princess Week at GoldenGals is drawing to a close, and we’ve enjoyed posting about our favourite princesses, Grace and Diana, and creating the perfect moods for your rebellious, glamorous, traditional, or fairytale wedding.

We want to leave you with our visions of what we could wear, if we were Princesses.


If I Were a Princess...

I won’t lie to you people: it took me a really long time get put this together! It was actually really hard. It’s easy, of course to pick stuff I like. What is tricky is figuring out what the very best, most visible and scrutinized version of yourself would like. Also, what would you like if literally every option was open? Plus, you know, when you’re a princess you have to be ‘appropriate’. Put all this together and you have a recipe for spending way too much time searching for just the right thing. In the end I’m happy with the choices I’ve made. I love everything here. Lots of colour, nothing shocking or overwhelmingly patterny, simple classic lines, slightly impractical, but entirely awesome shoes and just a little bit of sparkle – be it a sequin or a jewel. It turns out that me the princess would wear much the same things that regular me would like to wear, but doesn’t really have the need (or the funds) for.


If I Were A Princess

If I were a Princess, I would be all about the statement pieces – special and unique things that are well crafted and beautiful. I apparently would also be a bit of a bad ass! Look at those boots! I would be the black sheep member of the family, one of those royals who are never going to inherit the throne but who you just know are super fun to talk to. I would hang out weekends at my seaside cottage that is full of books, with my globe-trotting and glamorous pack of friends. During the week I would go to my publishing job in London and I would wear fantastic things, like that green dress and those gold and black wedge heels, and the Sonia Rykiel cardigan with skinny pants and those fantastic boots. When I had to go to a Royal event I would wear something like that purple dress – beautiful and elegant, with those saturated jewel tones I love so well. Saturday morning errands in my seaside town would be done in my Rag and Bone dress that I would toss on with some flats and a long gold necklace. And of course, my hair would always be fantastic! Think Kate Middleton, but the most beautiful shade of red-gold imaginable. AND I would always look cute in my glasses.

Oh yeah. I could do this Princess thing.

Head over to Polyvore to create your own princess looks.


One response to “If We Were Princesses

  1. Princess week, such a great idea!! I totally second the Kate Middleton hair, she always looks absolutely flawless. I love both of your sets! The jewel tone dresses are especially fabulous.


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