Stephanie’s Fall Wardrobe Roundup

The Labour Day long weekend is over, and Fall is unofficially here. It was chilly here today, and there were crunchy leaves all over the ground. It felt decidely autumnal.

Autumn to me means pumpkins, spice, halloween, cool nights, coloured leaves, new TV shows and a changing wardrobe. I love fall! Like Jo from Little Women, I love spending afternoons curled up under a blanket with crisp apples and an enthralling book. P.S. It stills burns me up that Jo and Laurie didn’t get together! COME ON ALCOTT! Amy didn’t DESERVE Laurie! She burned Jo’s only manuscript and was a huge brat!

Ahem. Apparently my inner 10 year old is still bitter.

Anyway – no matter what you like to do in the Fall, you probably need to replace some wardrobe staples, or add some new fun pieces. For the past week I have been thinking about my wardrobe this fall. I put together a board to illustrate my needs:

Fall Wardrobe Roundup

On the left there are the things that I already have (either the exact item or a representation). On the right are the things I want to round out my wardrobe. A belted short sleeve knit cardigan, some cute tops, a black tulip skirt, a white oxford shirt and some delicate jewellery would add some versatility to my closet.

Some of this I could wear to my office job, and some I couldn’t. I’ll be focusing on my Fall office wardrobe in my next post!


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