Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That: nude shoes edition

It seems that Kate Middleton, like the rest of us, has that one perfect pair of shoes. Shoes that she feels comfortable in, that fit just right, and that are just high enough to make her legs look great without essentially breaking her feet in the process. For Kate these shoes are the nude L.K. Bennett Sledge Platform Court Shoe. She has also been spotted in the nude version of the L.K. Bennett Silver Sandal, most memorably at the polo match in California. Just a tip,the company calls the colour taupe, in case you’re about to search ebay for them.


While she was on her Canadian tour people kept mentioning how she wore the shoes multiple times, how she had worn them even before this tour. Now it’s being noted that she has worn them since, as though this is some kind of revelation.

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Could she have worn a different pair of shoes with every outfit? Of course, but really, why? Sure shoes are fun, I myself love shoes, the more impractical the better. However, if I know I’m going somewhere that involves a lot of 1)standing/walking/just generally not sitting on my butt or 2) unknown terrain, that still requires I wear ‘fancy shoes’ (read: heels) I have exactly two pairs that I trust. One black and one, wait for it. Nude. I think we can all agree that the Duchess is pretty much always going places and being required to stand around and talk to people, while trying to listen to them. It’s literally her job to make sure that when people meet her they feel like she cared about them, that she be a little charming. I’m not trying to imply that she isn’t truly a sincere and charming person, I’m just pointing out that is is very, very hard to be attentive and charming when the balls of your feet are on fire and you feel as though your left ankle might give out at any moment. What I’m saying is she’s found a shoe that works for her and she has decided to, um…work it.

Some people think nude shoes boring, and even more so on her specifically because she’s a ‘Princess’. They seem to think wearing the same shoes more than once is lazy. To these people I say: you are ridiculous. They’re not lazy, they’re versatile. They go with absolutely anything, yet look great. They’re not the boring black cardi you wear to work everyday, you know the one. It’s the one that is secretly covered in coffee stains and hi-liter. They’re more like a great string of pearls, that are the perfect unobtrusive backdrop to whatever super amazing outfit you happen to be wearing that day.

Also, Kate Middleton isn’t the first person to wear nude shoes (and judging by L.K. Bennett sales and what is on every shoe store shelf, she won’t be the last), she’s just happens to be the biggest fashion trend fire starter going right now, and anything she wears becomes instantly copied and mimicked. Celebs and us regular folks have been rocking them for ages. So, let’s get off Kate’s back, and jump on the nude shoe bandwagon!


Nudes come in all shapes, sizes and price points…And colours for that matter. Nude doesn’t mean the same shade to everyone. So pick one you find fun and comfortable and then wear it incessantly. I can almost guarantee you none of the fashion blogs will give you any crap about it. If then you’re still of the mind set that nude shoes are boring, well, fine then, be that way. Or! Find a pair with some fun embellishments – lace, sequins, studs – and get in line with the trend, while making it your own.


2 responses to “Kate Middleton Didn’t Invent That: nude shoes edition

  1. jane

    I bought a pair of Franco Sarto nude wedges from a Winners over a year ago, and have LOVED them ever since. Every time I have an outfit that I’m not sure what shoes to wear, the nudes ALWAYS look the best. And are SO comfortable. I have worn them to 2 weddings where we were required to stand during the ceremony on an uneven lawn.

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