Brand new life around the bend! At Angela Bower’s house.

I’ve been watching Who’s the Boss for a long time. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been watching it my entire life – and apparently I have been! It started airing in 1984, when I was one year old, can you even believe that? I have so many memories of watching it as a kid, I was sure it started airing in the late 80’s. Proves I’ve been watching re-runs for a long time too!

Mona was my favourite character, clearly because of all the sparkles she wore. I was a magpie as a child – and still totally am. But I am also a business lady. Well, sort of! So, from a fashion point of view I have new found respect for Angela. I’m no ad executive like Ms. Bower but I can now appreciate her for the awesome and independent career woman that she was. I love her suits – so much matching and bright colours with fun patterns! Have you noticed yet that I really love matching, saturated colours, and a funky print yet? (I love matching to an unhealthy degree. Ask Irene about how I don’t wear brown, ever.)

And also, now I know that Judith Light is pretty fricking cool!

Who's the Boss - Angela

An updated Angela Bower looks a lot like Claire Meade from Ugly Betty. it’s true. It was pretty unavoidable when I was creating this set. But I think Claire and Angela share a lot of similarities – saturated colours, sharp lines, chunky jewelery. Claire is a little more avant-garde, but she works at the biggest fashion magazine in the world so you know, she should be! The 2011 Angela Bower still likes bright colours and coordinating accessories, while still dressing like the professional executive she is.


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