Something Important Happened Today

It happens every year around this time and it’s always a special moment. Was it the first fallen leaf, or maybe the first time I got stuck behind a school bus and was late for work? No. Today I walked into a mall and I saw them. Sweaters and boots. Blazers and scarves. Outerwear! It’s fall clothes season, people!

Fall is my favourite time of year to get dressed, and I always get secretly excited when the sun starts setting early and the humidity disappears. I don’t tell other people about this because they will inevitably look at me like I used some sort of racial slur. “But it means summer’s almost over!” they cry. They tell me, completely disgusted, “soon there will be snow!” This is when I back away slowly averting my eyes, I don’t want to antagonize them any further and risk attack.

Listen, I get that people love summer with it’s tank tops and flip flops and bikini’s. I love sitting by the pool as much as any one, but there is something sort of magical about (cliché alert) the leaves changing and the air getting crisp. I also find it really hard to look cute when it’s 45 degrees and I’m sweating through my makeup and my t-shirt before I’ve even made it out of my garage! I like that in the fall I can put my self-consciousness about exposed body parts on hold, and I can quit worrying about my pedicure. Yes, I love the fall because it means I can be lazier!

Seriously though, I love to wrap up in scarves and knitwear – the more over sized the better. I can’t wait to pull on some tights with a pencil skirt. I’m also super into the new retro inspired fuller skirts and will certainly getting my hands on one of them. I like the versatility of a blazer – I’m loving the tweedy elbow patchy trends right now. And boots. Boots! Boots are a reason to get up in the morning, ladies.

So, just for you, a little peek at what I will be wearing this fall.

Falling into place

I already own that purple H&M dress and its glorious. I can wear it with flats and tights to work, or a pair of patent heels and flashy earrings to dinner with my girls. I also own almost that exact cardigan, only mine was way cheaper – it’s a steal from Winners! and is a caramel colour. I plan to wear it on long walks with my dog and while reading outside until the last possible moment. I’ve been in the market for a great plaid scarf for a few winters now but I’ve not been able to find one that wasn’t either completely lumberjack, or trying too hard to be a ‘fancy’ plaid scarf. I’m currently taking suggestions on that one. I almost bought those black Aldo boots this weekend, but I’m worried they will be completely awful if they ever get wet or come into contact with salt. On the other hand, they’re SO CUTE that maybe it’s worth it? Finally, see that infinity scarf? I have one, only mine is exponentially better because my best friend made it for me with her own hands, and I got to pick out the beautiful purple-blue-grey yarn. You’re jealous, it’s ok.


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