I don’t want to look fine…I want to look Va-Va-Voom!

I must apologize, internets, for the lack of posting this week. Real life got in the way! How Rude! Ever have a week where you are just so busy at work and then you are running around after work at appointments and shopping and then you end up eating microwaved meatballs over the sink at 8 PM because you are too tired to cook and these take 1 minute? (I know you have. Stop judging me.)

I think I need a Tony Micelli in my life! But I’m not here to talk about Angela Bower today. Oh no. We’re talking about Mona from Who’s the Boss. Mona, that red-headed, man-loving, the devil to Angela’s angel, sultry-voiced vixen. Seriously guys, Mona was hot. She knew how to work it. I pray that when I get older I can be both as hot and as classy as her.

Mona - Whos the Boss

The modern Mona is hot hot hot. But a super classy kind of hot. You like clothing that is body conscious, but beautifully cut. Luxurious fabrics are key in all your pieces. Belts and draped scarves compliment your outfits, really taking accessorizing to the next level. You tend to favour dresses and skirts over pants and always have a red manicure – all the better to hint to everyone about your inner fiery diva.


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