Give Me All The Coats and No One Gets Hurt

Do you guys want to hear a funny story? Of course you do. A little background: As we’ve said Steph and I have been friends for about 5 years now, but we only actually lived in the same city for a year. The rest of the time we’ve been twelve hours apart. twelve hours. (We’ll leave it up to you to get out your maps and calculators and try and figure out which two Canadian cities we live in. That’ll be a fun little parlour game for you).

Anyway, more than once (and by more than once, I mean all the time) we will finish each other sentences, have the same reaction to a particular life event or send each other e mails with links to the exact same news story. Very often in IM conversations, usually while watching the same reality TV show (we like to say we watch them ‘together’) we will type the same thing to each other at the same time. The comments whiz past each other in cyber-space and arrive on our respective screens. We both think, ‘Jesus, it happened again‘. It still takes me by surprise every time, it’s actually a little creepy. We have come to call this phenomenon ‘same brain’. Outwardly we probably seem like two quite different individuals. For instance, Steph is one of the kindest people I have ever met, always giving people the benefit of the doubt and seeing the bright side. Me? I’m mostly a bitch. However, the universe keeps reminding us that we are quite the same. I won’t comment on whether this means I’m nicer than most people think, or that Steph is actually a closeted jerk.

Ok, so are you still waiting to hear the funny story? Here it is:

One afternoon in the fall of 2009 we both came home after a day of shopping excited to talk about what we had gotten. I can’t remember much of what I bought or what she told me about. What I do remember is that we both bought the same damn coat. I don’t mean that we both went out and got some version of a black pea-coat. No. We both purchased the exact same royal purple military inspired high necked giant buttoned wool coat. What the hell? we both thought. Our same brain has now started to manifest itself not just in jokes and news articles, but in tangible fashion form. It’s damn lucky we live so far apart or one of us would be bringing it back. Let’s be honest, I’m the bitch, so it would have been Steph.

All of this has been a long preamble to the point. We both really love outerwear. And we are both super excited about what is out there this fall/winter. Of course there are the classics trenches and pea-coats and leather. But this season is offering some really special elements as well. Capes, anyone? Ruffled and feminine details? Intense colour and unexpected patterns? Let’s have a look at what you could be spending exorbitant amounts of money on this fall!


Outerwear by irenegal featuring coats

I am personally most excited about the colour options. While I love the ease of my trusty black wool number, I also like the idea of throwing on a bright teal coat with a golden scarf and watching as people marvel at my risk taking while I glide down the street. I am obsessed with the idea of leaving my olive drab ‘dog walking’ parka at home in favour of that purple jem up there. I would seriously rock the dog park in that, no? I have a hounds-tooth coat, but for whatever reason it’s never quite felt right. I think I’m afraid of pattern on that large a scale, but if you are braver than me there are a ton of really fun pattern options out there. Even though I’ve copped to being kind of a jerk at times, I’m also a romantic at heart. I can’t get enough of outerwear with ruffles and full skirted shapes and ribbon inspired belts. One of my favourites is actually a completely unattainable Donna Karan that I didn’t use here, because I didn’t want to make you sad. However, if you have 3 grand to spend on a coat go for it! Also, please call me so we can be friends and I can borrow your stuff.


4 responses to “Give Me All The Coats and No One Gets Hurt

  1. stephaniegal

    I think it means that you are more nice 🙂

    And, of course, I love that Donna Karan coat. If I win the lottery, Imma buy us both one!

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