Monday is an Awful Way to Spend 1/7 of Your Life

It really really is. The revelry of the weekend is but a hazy memory. It’s clouded by whatever it is drinking half a dozen beers at the ‘country themed bar’ your friends are obsessed with, or inhaling a tub of ice cream while watching the Sandra Bullock/J.Lo/Amy Adams extravaganza the W network happens to be airing does to your memory. At least for that’s how it is for me. I’ll try not to project my tendency to spend the weekend inebriated or over-eating onto you.

On Monday, the next 5 days are laid out before you. Nothing but a soul crushing gauntlet of errands and dead lines and alarm clocks and ‘getting to work on time’. For a lot of us the work week also means a crummy dress code. As we’ve noted before, Steph and I are pretty lucky in that we don’t have a ton of restrictions as far as work wear goes and actually get to have a lot of fun with it.

However, whether it’s a casual Sunday afternoon or Friday night drinks there are somethings we want to wear that we just can’t get away with Monday to Friday.

So here it is, a look at a weekend in the life of your favourite Gals…

Lazy Afternoons



As I sit in Starbucks writing this, I am essentially wearing the first outfit. This is something for an afternoon at the mall with
girlfriends or hitting up some museums and galleries. It’s comfortable, allowing you to breeze through the miles you’ll walk today, but also has a little style so that the other museum goers or retail clerks won’t give you the snub. The oversized shirt is very ‘in’ right now, with a little sexy shoulder action. I like to finish it off with a little whimsical jewellery.

Hitting up the Garage Sales and Walking the Dog

The boyfriend jean and orange hoodie are, if I’m being honest, not something I wear out and about very often, only because I feel like I can’t pull it off. I see other girls in similarly sporty outfits and think how cute and almost chic they look. They look like they just threw on the first they they found and headed out to meet the day! I do it and I feel like I should be at home defrosting my freezer or cleaning out the garage. I love the colour of this sweater though. I think I’ll be in the market for some athletic wear with a special flair or twist like this and see if I can’t become a little more confidant in it.

There are a few must haves for weekend days:

  1. A great big bag, preferably that can be held or worn cross body to carry all my crap.
  2. A versatile scarf. Its’ fashionable AND utilitarian – keeping out the cold and making a jacket unnecessary in the fall. Who could ask for more?
  3. Great sunglasses. Paying the money for a few pairs of prescription sunglasses was without a doubt one of the best fashion choices I’ve ever made. Before I had them I had to choose – Do I want to be able to actually read labels and street signs or do I want to wear my sunglasses and not get retinal damage from the burning rays of the sun? Now, I don’t have to make that choice AND I get to look cute.

Nights on the Town

Weekender 2

Drinks with the Girls/First Date

Nights out, while sadly not something I do much, are my favourite thing to get ready for. Mostly because the options are endless. Depending where you’re going you can do anything from great jeans and a top to a sexy dress and killer heels. I decided to go a little middle ground here. This black dress is the perfect subtly sexy dress for a night with the girls or a date where you want to impress without appearing to try too hard. You can keep it simple with black heels and minimal gold or silver jewelery or spice it up with an adventurous shoe of any kind and great statement jewelery. I know it’s cliche to say, but you really can’t over estimate the importance of a little black dress. It can take you anywhere!

Wedding Reception/Gala Dinner

This is the trickiest scenario of the bunch. Sure, the invitation purports to give you clues as to how you’ll be expected to dress. But we all know that these things can range anywhere from relaxed garden reception to highly glamouous ballroom events. I’ll tell you from experience you’ll be more comfortable if you’re a little over dressed rather than under. That being said who wants to totally overdo it?! It’s troubling for sure. So, when in doubt I tend to go for something short. Nothing says overdressed like a floor length gown. You can make a shorter dress more glamourous easily with a little extra jewelery and chic wrap and holding your head a little higher. If you show up and feel over done you can take off a piece of jewelery, let your hair down and still be the best dressed girl in the room!

PS: Steph is super annoyed that there is a grey shirt and a brown bag in this set. I kept it specifically to annoy her. Come back tomorrow for a full assessment of just how insane she is about the brown/black thing.


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