Today at work one of my regular patrons came in and said ‘I have something for you.’ Usually this means 1) a complaint 2) just books to return 3) they owe over due charges. But no, this time the patron actually had something for me!

This is a woman I see quite often and she’s always asking about fashion and style related materials. So, obviously I have claimed her as my own personal patron and we spend time in the stacks looking at all the pretty pictures in the various style guides, designer biographies, pattern books and fashion retrospectives.

One day we were looking at a book about shoes (swoon) and there was a mention of shoe jewelery (double swoon). I said something along the lines of ‘Oh how cute! You can dress up your shoes‘ She said she had some and that one day she would totally bring them in for me because she doesn’t use them, and she’d like to give them to someone who she thought would really appreciate them.

Of course I assumed she would never make good on this promise, and that was fine. People make vague little promises like that all the time, never really meaning to keep them. She was just trying to be nice, and maybe to solidify our little library fashion-love-fests. Why would this woman, essentially a stranger to me aside from our love of the pretty things in the fashion books, actually give me anything?

You know why? Because she’s awesome. And I’m now the owner of a really cute set of shoe jewelery. They’re like earrings, but for shoes! Hand me downs can be a little sketchy. Worn out, out of style, broken etc. Not so with these, my friends. They’re gold, vaguely art deco (my fave) and totally shiny and in complete working order. I’ve decided to call them shoelery. Get it? Like jewelery, but with shoes? I hope someone hasn’t coined this term already.

Have I tried them out already? What am I, amature? Of course I have. Behold!

So, thanks library patron who will probably never see this. Next time she’s in I’ll slip her a link to the blog!


One response to “Shoelery

  1. stephaniegal

    Love! So pretty. They remind me of the gold-capped shoes going down the YSL runway at Paris Fashion Week. A sort of re-interpretation.

    And SO nice of the patron!

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