Happy Turkey Weekend

In the Spirit of Giving

It’s a holiday weekend, the one that marks the beginning of the holiday season for a lot of us. We lucky Canadians get a month jump on the festivities over our American counterparts.

Eventhough it’s hot like June where I am, I still fully intend to spend this weekend doing all the things required of us. Eating huge dinners with family and friends, drinking too much wine, using full fat milk in my pumpkin lattes, and wasting an entire day at the mall.

Through all of it we’ll also keep in mind what the holiday is supposed to be about: giving thanks. We both have tons to be grateful for, not the least of which is that we have a lifestyle comfortable enough to have enabled us to start this blog. We’re so thankful that over the last few months we have had the opportunity to spend lots of time pretend shopping and putting together stories and outfits to share with you guys. We’ve had a blast and hope that you’ve enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for reading.

So, if you’re Canadian like us have a great long weekend. Please, forget about your pant size and eat everything you want! Just this once. Please? Don’t make me do it alone!

For the rest of you, just enjoy the weather (assuming it’s as nice where you are), and maybe have a turkey sandwhich or something!

PS The set is inspired by the season, check out each item to see how.


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