Pan Am

So who else has been watching Pan Am? I can’t find anyone in real life who is, but maybe people on the internet will be more bold and proudly assert that yes, they are indeed watching this show. I forgot about it on Sunday, what with the whole holiday thing and the Kardashian wedding special. Mostly because of the wedding special. I just got sucked right in. AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, EVERYONE.

But anyway, Pan Am, for those of you who claim not to be watching, is fluffy and slightly retro and even though it’s been trying real hard to be a hardboiled show in the vein of Mad Men, its uhhh….not. Think of it as two thirds cotton candy and one third gin martini.

I had my criticisms of the first episode (every woman had red hair, they were telling us too much too soon about characters we didn’t even know yet) but I think they are improving. For one – two of the characters had their hair dyed. Only one is a true red head now!

Overall, I feel it is very melodramatic in a very fun way. The upbeat swinging Sinatra-esque tunes over the dramatic scenes of espionage, mama drama, sexism, and outright sassiness work for me.

Plus, you all know that I’m here for the clothes. And I am loving them. We are seeing lots of dramatic makeup looks, shirt dresses, fancy cocktail dresses, and gorgeous coats. And of course, the Pan Am uniform, brightened to a bluebird blue because the original Pan Am blue tested too grey for TV.

I was so inspired, I made you some things!

Pan Am - Modern 60s makeup

This is not a makeup blog, because I definitely don’t know tons about makeup (won’t speak for Irene here). But I love it! Your basic 60s look is super dramatic eye makeup. Think winged eyeliner with smokey shadow, or maybe some blue or green if you are adventurous. False eyelashes up the drama. Pair it with pale and shimmering lips.

Pan AM - Modern 60s

Here are some fun 60s inspired items. You’ve seen lots of them on Pan Am recently – fancy dresses with full skirts, cats eye sunglasses, silk scarves and lots of pearls. You probably shouldn’t wear everything at once, but you’ll still look polished and ladylike if you do.


3 responses to “Pan Am

  1. I watched the first 2 episodes but then forgot about it on Sunday too. Can’t decide if it’s going to go the way of The Playboy Club or not…

    • stephaniegal

      I didn’t see The Playboy Club but Irene wasn’t a fan, I know…so far I really do like Pan Am. It would be interesting to see where it can go in a season. Sometimes things just start out rocky. Plus I need more fun 60s fashions.

    • I watched the Playboy Club and it was hilariously bad, like so bad it was like camp, but it wasn’t supposed to be campy. And I’m the kind of person who wanted to like it. Eddie Cibrian was essentially doing a Don Draper impression. Pan Am is much better. I can see how it could veer into awful territory, but so far I think it’s going quite well. Yay for period TV dramas!

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