Shopping Win!

While Irene had no luck shopping this weekend, I had so much luck. Difference is that I wasn’t looking for specific things. Isn’t it funny how that goes? Head out with a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket and you come home with nothing. All clothes look like crap on you, and everything in every store is super ugly or tacky.

But go shopping with nothing really in mind and suddenly every shop is filled with glittering gems, just needing a happy home. Specifically,your happy home. All clothes look fantastic, and everything else is just so cute. It must be all about the lowered expectations. I I think I must have a lot of low expectations.

You guys, I got cute stuff! To start with, I got a belted cardigan, a turtleneck tunic sweater thingy (technical fashion term – trust me), a dress, and two tops.

Shopping Win

Not all of these items are exact, but they are close enough. I definitely did not buy a $500 cashmere turtleneck. Try $20 at Zellers.

I also got some cute stuff at Value Village – an Isaac Mizrahi designed strapless seer-sucker Liz Claiborne dress, two cardigans, sandals from Winners that had never been worn, and a bathing suit cover up. I usually have no luck at VV, so nice change of pace there.

BUT, the peice de resistance of the weekend are THESE!

ALDO multi-glitter ballet flats with purple lining. I don’t know what else I need to say here, really. They’re purple (my favourite colour), and glittery (my favourite thing). AND I got them on sale!

Readers, have you had any fun buys recently?


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