Golden Moment

We are celebrating a fun milestone today, darlings! This is our 50th post. A golden milestone for two Golden Gals! We have been blogging since July, and this is our first foray into the blogosphere. Our only regret is that we didn’t start a blog sooner! It has been awesome being able to share our opinions and thoughts with everyone who has been tuning in. Having this outlet for our creativity has been really special for both of us. What is even more amazing is the connections
we have made with our readers. It is so fun to see what you guys think about everything. So, thank you to everyone for reading!

We thought in honour of 50 posts, we would highlight some of our personal favourite entries (you might have missed some!)

1. Our Golden Girls style quiz helps you figure out which Golden Girl your style is most like. Classic, Sweet, Tough and Sultry. Which one are you?

2. In which Irene discusses her love for Roseanne. Her couch had roosters. Stephanie’s couch wasn’t foul, but she also eff-word loves Roseanne.

3. All the things that Kate Middleton didn’t invent. We eff-word love her, and this is our celebration of all the awesome things that already existed that she is getting credit for. We’re happy to let her have it if it means we can take part. Sleeves! Nylons! Long flowing hair! The colour blue!

4. We love coats so much that we once bought the same coat. Without consulting each other. Between us, we probably have 40 coats (and maybe a problem we need to discuss with a health care professional)…Here we share with you some of our favourite coats for fall.

5. The time when Stephanie realizes that she bought brown boots…when she has spent her life openly refusing to own anything brown(Sidenote: Stephanie’s Mom also does not wear or own brown! Totes genetic, you guys)

Once again, thank you for being a friend to all our darling readers!


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