Trends Your Grandmother Could Get Behind – My Outfit Today

I had a whole post worked out in my head for today, and it was going to be amazing. Probably the best thing that has graced the pages of this blog. You would have laughed, been moved, learned something. However, I’m super self-centred and instead I decided to dedicate today to my own outfit. Because that’s how special I think it is. No, I won’t tell you what today’s original post was about. What am I an idiot? I’m not about to waste a great idea by mentioning it now. You’ll get to see it someday. Be cool.

Ok, so the real point is today I am wearing an outfit that in theory might be a little matronly. It involves trousers, a cardigan and sensible shoes. It could also come off a little juvenile seeing as it also involves ruffles and plaid.

Terrified yet? Don’t be. It turns out all these elements combined to make me feel a little like Emma Pillsbury from Glee – whimsical and young yet functional. And a little like Tammy One from Parks and Recreation – grown up, in charge, a secret buttoned up sex kitten(btw if you don’t watch Parks and Rec we’re not friends for 5 minutes. Amy Poehler is a goddess. Ron Swanson is, well, Ron Swanson! Start watching. Right now. Go).

For reference here is a rendition of what I wore:

My Outfit Today

It’s cute right?!

The colour combos I’m rocking are a little different. My top is a green plaid and my cardi is red, but the effect is the same.

Tell us in the comments or twitter about an outfit you love that in theory seems wrong but in practice is oh so right.


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