Baby, it’s cold outside

Irene and I have mentioned that we are Canadians before, eh? We live in the middle of Canada, which is like the second coldest part. No coastal mildness here! So when I say that you can trust us when we talk about outerwear, well, you really can trust us.

As all Canadians know, it is super hard to look cute when its -30 C (-22 for our American friends) or when it is snowing like a bastard. Or right after an ice storm. And guess what? It is okay not to look uber cute. Being warm and safe and keeping all your fingers and toes is way more important than looking cute.

I know its early to be talking about snow and ice, but winter accessories are out on shelves now. And, AND, its freaking freezing here today! (ed note: it’s 8C / 46F today…Stephanie gets cold real easy). Here are some fun ideas for how you can accessorize in winter:

winter acessories

Listen, I love matching. As we all know. But those matching hat /  glove / scarf sets that are on sale right now are not good. The hats are inevitably all jacked up and look weird when you put them on. So this is one of the only occasions where I will say that not matching is okay. I repeat – it is OKAY to NOT MATCH. Got it? Only this time though. Never any other time.

Personally, I just buy separate items from different places that coordinate. I put together three looks here – one casual look and two more formal looks, for going to work or a play or a coffee date. Also, I wear berets everywhere. I love berets! I have 6 of them. And in no way do I have a problem with accessories hoarding, so quit it with the shifty eyes.

Winter Boots

And of course, with colder weather comes the puffer coat and the heavy boot (so reminiscent of astronaut boots – or Napoleon Dynamite?). I have a problem with circulation so my toes are always cold and I require the waterproof, good for up to -30C, weighs 5 pounds kind. I own Sorels (purple with fur trim) and Columbias (Pro Tip: wear wool socks with these for maximum warmth!). Pictured here are some reasonably cute, but very functional, boots.

Your mission is to go forth and find some coordinating accessories, and some reasonably cute winter boots. Keeping your fingers, ears and toes is the goal for getting through a Canadian winter!


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