Reaching Across the Political Aisle

I’m a pretty loyal watcher of The View. If I’m home at 11am on a weekday, which I am more often than your average employed adult, you can bet I’m watching the ladies of The View duke it out.

Why? I’m not really sure. I love watching Barbara Walters. She really is a pioneer for women in media, and the way she remains journalistic and impartial amidst all the screaming and finger pointing is amazing.

I also really love the surprise I get everyday in the form or Whoopi’s footwear. Seriously, sometimes she appears to be wearing slippers and other times she’s wearing a bright red pump that looks like it belongs in a Marie Antoinette museum.

Watching Joy and Sherri wrestle for position atop the mountain of ‘funny view panelist’ is a never ending farce. I’ve got to say that while I would have loved to have been taught highschool english by Mrs. Behar, Sherri wins simply on the merit of her status as Tracey Jordan’s wife.

Finally there is Elisabeth. She’s so pretty, and has all those cute kids. She works out and writes books and seems to be a pretty compassionate person. However, Elisabeth and I have, shall we say, very different points of view. On pretty much everything. And that’s ok. Differeing points of view are what the show is about right? That’s what Barbara always says!

Luckily this is a fashion blog, where right wing and left wing don’t matter! Liberalism and conservatism only come into play concerning hemlines! Elisabeth is always wearing something feminine and ruffley in a great colour. When it comes to style I will gladly reach across the political aisle and say, kudos to you Mrs. Hasselbeck, you looked especially kick ass today!

Something Elisabeth and I can agree on is this hot purple Kate Spade dress (in honour of spirit day) with brown, not black, heels. She looks professional and fun, and the brown is a great less contrasting option for this intense dress when you’re wearing it during the day.

To keep up to day on what the co-hosts are wearing ABC has provided this handy blog!


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