Going For It

Last night I had my hair cut and coloured. This is a Big Deal for me, because I haven’t coloured my hair in almost ten years. The last time I coloured my hair, I dyed it brown to cover up the large bleached chunks all over my head that still had a hue of washed out Manic Panic Purple haze.

A few years prior to that, my hair was a cherry-hued black, dyed to cover up the turquoise I had dyed all of the hair framing my face. A few years prior to that, my hair was dyed various shades of sunrise red and, most regrettably, a blue black that seeped into the pores of my hair and did not budge an inch as it grew out.

I pretty much just inflicted disaster after diaster on my hair for the six years between fifteen and twenty-one, so you can understand that I had somewhat of a phobia about the whole dyeing-hair thing. I shied away from it for a long time, thinking that it would look wrong, that I liked my hair the way it was, that it was a lot of effort. The current hair on my head has never seen an ounce of dye. It used to be a shade that is close to Kate Middleton’s, but now I’m actually kinda sorta going grey. It just kept getting more blah looking.

Even though I knew that, and strangers (STRANGERS!) had remarked on it, I didn’t intend to get my hair coloured when I walked in to get my hair cut. It just…happened. It all started with an innocent question – ‘if you were going to colour my hair, what colour would you dye it?’ When she described what colour she would do, and I was like ‘hmmm. what about MORE RED?’ I could sense her excitement. Especially after my admission that I had once had purple hair. Her face actually lit up. Who am I to deny a woman with scissors tattooed on her hand such excitement? I mean, that is commitment to your profession.

So I said, ‘let’s do it!’ and she did. My hair is now dark red/burgundy, with super red highlights, with a super hair cut. She described it as an ‘elegant purple’ and so it is. And I love it.

And so, to our darling readers, go out there and be fearless! Get that perm, wear orange, trade your flats for heels! Whatever you want, just take a chance! Because you know what? It feels pretty good.


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