Site Notes

So, it seems that our followers have not been receiving our new post e mails. Be assured we are currently engaged in a death match with WordpPess to put a stop to this. In the meantime you should probably just check the page incessantly to see if there is anything awesome and new to entertain you.

Also, Steph and I are over here on Pinterest. If you’re already there, follow us! You’ll learn more about our personal style and our personalities, who and what we’re inspired by, as well as completely random things we find interesting/hilarious. We’re excited to see you guys there and get to know you!

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you soon will. Steph and I are actually obsessed. It’s an online community (as of the moment it is still invite only, but you can request an invite at their homepage) where you can share what you love, and find inspiring. You can follow other pinners, like posts and leave comments for each other. It’s fun to share things you find beautiful with a community and get feedback from other like minded peeps. It’s also fun to mine other people’s boards for awesome stuff!


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