Pan Am Polka Dots

If you watched Pan Am on Sunday night, you probably noticed that the skirts are getting tighter and tighter with each episode. You probably also noticed the gorgeous Goran Visnjic i.e. Dr. Luka Kovac, as we all knew and loved him on ER. We totally noticed him! We (I) miss ER. Goran should have been cast as a pilot, not the love interest in what is, right now, clearly a doomed affair. We (I) demand More Goran!

More Goran! More Goran!

Anywaaaaay – the full skirts of the first episodes seem to have given way to very body-conscious sheath dresses and pencil skirts. There was one outfit in particular that Irene and I were both drooling over – that tight white sheath dress with black polka dots that the blonde sister was wearing.

(I can’t find a picture so just imagine tight, white, sleeveless, pencil skirt, black polka dots)

It was such a sharp look that I was totally inspired to create my own interpretation:

Pan Am 2

Pretty droolworthy, right? Very faithful to the original look on the blonde sister. I did leave off the hat though because you will look like you are in costume if you wear a hat (which is actually fine for this time of year. And do add some gloves and a little pillbox purse while you are at it!)

But! While I love this look I personally can’t rock that kind of body-conscious sheath, and I’m definitely not alone. Here is a dress (just as cute!) that will serve all of us non sheath dress wearers just as well:

Pan Am 3

One last thing – now that Pan Am seems to be flashing through sixties fashions, I can’t wait until we get to the Mod era! Bring on the Mary Quant miniskirts, Twiggy eyelashes, nude lips and go-go boots! Shagadelic baby, yeah!


One response to “Pan Am Polka Dots

  1. Just fyi I too love Dr.Kovac.

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