Are You a Halloween Procrastinator Too?

Never fear, we’re here to help.

It is the story of my life that on October 29th I realize “Ahh crap it’s Halloween this weekend, I’ve committed to that party and I have no idea what I’m going to be.” Troublesome turns to troublesome-er when it becomes apparent that Halloween costumes are 1) sold out 2) picked over and 3) expensive, yo!

It happens literally every year. I always end up being a kitty cat, using the same kitty eared headband and kitty mittens I’ve had since University or a cowgirl –jeans, plaid shirt, freckles drawn on with eye liner? Done!

I just can’t justify spending seventy bucks on a slutty little nurses outfit that I’ll wear once. (My mom reads this blog you guys, so yes, my only use for a slutty costume of any kind is Halloween) I could spend that hard earned cash on this, or these,or a months worth of these!

So, we’re here to help if you’re a procrastinator, economically unable (or unwilling) to participate in over priced Halloween kitsch, or both like me! This week we’ll be posting fun Halloween costume ideas that we absolutely guarantee you’ll be able to pull out of your closet, with maybe a trip to the kitchen cupboards and garage.

Here is our first scarily simply Halloween costume … See what I did there? Haha …
Alright alright, seriously here it is.


It’s everybody’s favourite elusive traveller Waldo! You could spend a bunch of money on a ‘Waldo costume’ but I think you’d feel pretty silly when you realized it’s essentially a t-shit, some pants and a winter hat.

Seriously, if you have a white t-shit, jeans and a hat you have a Waldo costume. If you don’t have a red and white stipped shirt, that’s easily remedied with some red duct tape or a magic marker. Waldo’s hat it traditionally red and white stripes too, but you can for sure get away with any toque, people will still get it. Add some light blue jeans and thick rimmed glasses – sunglasses with the lenses out will work – and you’re ready to party.


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