Express Yourself – Halloween Costume Edition

Okay! So you don’t want to be Waldo or a Prom Queen. Here are two more last-minute Halloween costume ideas:

Sexy Librarian

Sexy Librarian

This one is so easy, you guys. Pencil skirt, tight top, tiny cardigan, sky high heels, dark frame glasses. Put your hair up in a bun after spraying it with a ton of hairspray. Wear A LOT of mascara and do cats-eye eyeliner. A few times during the night, shake your hair out and take your glasses off, and pout, head to the side, one shoulder up.

For maximum library-ness, carry around a book. For maximum sexiness make a fake cover for your book that says “The Dew-Me Decimal System.” Get it? Get it???



Wear black skinny pants, black turtleneck, black beret and carry a sketchbook and pencil, or a painter’s palette. Hold a cigarette in the other hand. Smoky eye makeup, red lips. Call everyone darling and ask to sketch them.

If you want to be a contemporary artist, omit the beret and makeup. Muss up your hair. Mutter a lot about “the process”.”

Stay tuned for more last minute ideas!


2 responses to “Express Yourself – Halloween Costume Edition

  1. Tracy

    “The Dew-Me Decimal System” HA! Consider this joke stolen.

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