For The Mens

We have spent this week showing you how the regular clothes you have in your closet can easily be turned into a Halloween costume. You’re Welcome.

There is just one problem remaining. You’re boyfriend/husband/significant other. They don’t have a costume either, I’ll bet. They’re probably sitting at their computer right now looking at last minute costume ideas that will embarrass you. My best friend’s husband actually sported this one a few years ago. Never fear, we’re here once again to help you pick up the pieces of your life.

Costume Idea’s for the man in your life!

Thomas Magnum

It is my experience that every North American man between the ages of 25 and 60 f word love Magnum PI; Tom Selleck, as this guy if you’re not familiar. Thomas is an ex marine, a private investigator, lives in a borrowed Hawaiian mansion, hilariously harasses the man servant Higgins, and has a new love interest in every episode. With that moustache and legs that can pull off those tiny shorts of course he’s a lady killer. The costume is simple. Bermuda shorts or bad 80’s jeans and a Hawaiian shirt with some aviators are the Magnum PI uniform. Magnum is a huge Detroit Tigers and USC fan, so find a baseball cap for one of those teams if you can(I’m from a city where you’re either a serious Detroit Sports Team Fan or you root for literally anyone else. I’ll let you guess the city and which side my allegiance is on based on the set). If your man is brave and has a great bod you could also go ‘beach Magnum’ and just wear some tiny swim trucks. To really pull off the look he’ll need a sexy moustache and ample chest hair. If your man isn’t follicle-y gifted improvise with mascara or felt. He’ll need to have an easy demeanour, a quick smile and be painfully charming (which of course he is or you wouldn’t be dating him, amiright?). Also, if there are any snooty Brits at the party it will be your man’s job to good naturedly hassle them all night.

Donald F. Draper

If I had a man to dress up this is the route I would take. The reasons are two fold. 1) Its super easy and 2) I love Don Draper (I’ve mentioned that, right?), and I would go as Joan. Your man has a suit right? He’s a grown up and has had to attend a wedding or something? Put that on. Now, put on a fedora. If he doesn’t have one someone’s father or grandfather does, I assure you. Carry a brief case, slick up his hair and you’re done. Make sure he is the ultimate in cool all night and says brilliant things at random. He’ll also have to drink brown liquor out of a tumbler. If he’s a little misogynistic, just for tonight and apologises tomorrow, all the better.

Ok, so that’s it. Go forth yee Halloween procrastinators and have a safe and happy costumey weekend!


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