Last Chance

Ok, it’s Friday, which means your Halloween party is probably tomorrow and you still don’t know what to be. If you’re like me that is. Yes, I still don’t know what I’ll be haunting the streets as tomorrow. I’ve been spending all week putting together ideas for you. Get off my back. Here are two more:

Hippie Chic

If you have a maxi dress or a peasant blouse you can make this look work. If you chose the peasant blouse pair it with wide legged pants. Trousers will work but flares and bell bottoms will get the effect just right. You can add a vest to both looks. Something long and knit seems the most authentic. However, an old long cardigan with the sleeves cut off will also work. You get extra points for wearing your hair long and wavy. If you frizz it up, wear round glasses and scream a lot, you can be Janis Joplin. Talk about free love, ‘the man’, getting out of Vietnam and quote lyrics from The Byrds. Add some peace sign jewelery and long necklaces and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the summer of love.


Yes, I know I said I end up being a cowgirl every year and that I’m bored of it, but that doesn’t me you can’t try it out. (Frankly, it’s noon on Friday – I’m probably pulling my trusty plaid out of the back of the closet pretty soon). All you really need for people to ‘get’ this costume is a pair of jeans, preferably a light wash, and a plaid or check printed shirt. A belt with a large buckle, a hat with a western silhouette or a kerchief and some boots only amplify the cowgirl-iness. Walk around saying things like howdy and pardner and talk about rustling up some drinks.


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