Trick or Treat!

You may have assumed that since we spent all of last week talking about Halloween and costumes that this weekend the two of us actually had something fun and Halloween-y to do. We didn’t. Sad face for us. We mostly just gorged ourselves on all the ‘fun sized’ candy bars we bought and felt sorry for ourselves. Better luck to you next year, trick or treaters in our respective neighbourhoods.

But! What we did have time to do was think about some of our favourite costume moments in television and movies. Happy face for you!


Roseanne was known for its Halloween episodes. The only show that took (still takes) the holiday more seriously is the Simpsons. The premise through the series is that Roseanne is the Queen of Halloween and plays the best prank of the year. In the episode in question she appears to have lost her Halloween spirit and stays home from the party at the lodge to give out candy. She is then met, in Dickensian fashion, by the ghosts of Halloween past present and future. Long story short, she overhears her family and friends making fun of her awful Halloween cookies, shows up as the statue of libery and uses her torch to set off the sprinklers and literally rain on everyone’s holiday parade. The point? Don’t make fun of a chubby girls cookies. I say this as a chubby girl who would cut you for disparaging my baked goods.


Ross as the Holiday Armadillo:

I need not say more. Hilarious.

Never Been Kissed

The DNA double helix costume is brilliant. In the sea of Shakespearian and Barbie pairs at the “Couples Through The Ages” prom at the end of Never Been Kissed, this fun and playful costume really stood out. And let’s face it, you’re going to have way more fun in a double helix suit than sucking in your stomach all night as Barbie. Or tragically mooning around as one half of a doomed pair. Spoiler alert, they die you guys!

Ever After

Could Danielle’s, ahem, Comtesse Nicole de Lancret’s costume at the Masquerade Ball be any more romantic or beautiful? The glittering gown, the ethereal backlit wings, the defiance it took to go in search of her Prince. Ahhh. That one moment before the evil step-sister rips her wing and declares her a fake is just perfection. I would also like to note that this movie came at the height of the glitter craze in the 90s. So Drew Barrymore’s glittery make-up look in that scene? Is what I looked like every day of grade 9 and 10.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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