Pan Am blue…and pink

Okay! Who watched Pan Am on Sunday night? We need to form a little discussion group, because no one we know in “real life” is watching. I’ll start the chat – how fabulous is Christina Ricci as Maggie? She has such charisma and presence. She steals whatever scene she is in because you just want to keep your eyes locked on her. It really works for the whole Maggie back story too, what with the finagling her way into being a stewardess with her poise and charm. Is Maggie even her real name!? Perhaps there are some shades of Don Draper there…I am hoping that her reveal here isn’t the only part of her back story. I want more charming lies!

You know what I also want more of!? Dr. Luka! Don’t write him off, writers of Pan Am!! I really hope that he is ACTUALLY an undercover CIA agent and then he and Kate can be a bad-ass spy duo together. That would really be for the best. Less time on the pilots, more time with Dr. Luka.

I am falling head over heels for this show. I started watching for the fashion and now I love the whole show, wholeheartedly. You know what I really enjoy about it? The flashbacks remind me of Lost. Only I’m not terrified or confused as heck or sobbing while watching!

Now it’s your turn to tell me all of your thoughts about the show. But before you do that, lets talk about the fashion this episode. First – the dresses are still tight, tight, tight. They must have super-strength girdles under those things! All the better to keep in character, yes?

Maggie was the focus of the episode and one outfit in particular really stood out – that powder blue dress with a black belt. I loved the combination of the powder blue together with the coral-pink of her hat and gloves. Very striking, indeed. Pink and blue is one of those colour-combinations that I always think shouldn’t work, but then I love. Here is my Maggie-inspired blue and pink outfit:

Pan Am 4


The appeal of this outfit is definitely the bold colour combination – fun colours, paired with neutrals to ground the look (seen here in the black bow belt and the nude shoes). I like! It is an approach I need to take more often myself.


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