What to Wear to the Courthouse.

A list of things I cannot condone

  • Lindsay Lohan’s reckless disreguard for her health, the safety of others and, you know, the law.
  • Giving repeat(repeat, repeat, repeat) offenders a week or two to report to jail because they have a Playboy shoot.
  • Most of her previous courthouse attire.

Listen, if you have to go to court – again – and you know there will be a media firestorm outside wouldn’t you want to atleast wear something a) cute and b) that makes you appear to maybe be an upstanding and productive member of society? If your answer is not ‘yes’, well then I don’t have much to say to you.

Fine, the girl isn’t wearing a business suit. Yes, I’m aware picking the right outfit for court is something most of us won’t struggle with. Certaintly picking an appropriate outfit doesn’t really count for anything when it comes to sentencing. All that aside I thought it was cute and I love a polkadot.  Some people are afraid of a pattern because  patterned items aren’t versatile, and polkadots in particular because they’re cutesy.  Not so!  They can be girly and feminine or edgy and modern.

Here, a few ideas for making a polkadot dress criminally cute!

Versatile Polkadots

3 responses to “What to Wear to the Courthouse.

  1. HAHA I love it!! Cute choices also 🙂

  2. This is the funniest/smartest post I have seen in a while. Rock on!

  3. Lisa

    I have a dress very similar to this and I wear it constantly. It’s can be cute and fun with boots and a scarf, or more grown up with heels and a jacket. Love.

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