Office wear redux

Hola again from Cuuuuba! Do you all hate me? You should. I’m actually writing this on the train in Canada, on the way to the airport and I actually hate my future self a little too. How dare she be all warm and tanned and holding a drink! How rude!

Anyway, I was thinking this week about my work wardrobe. I’m in a much more casual office now, so I wear jeans and boots a lot more often than I used to. It’s fun, but it means that all my planning for the perfect “work wardrobe” went out the window (But it might still apply to you). Instead, I try to look casual but put together. Here are some looks I want to try over the next few months:

Black and Gold

Black and Gold

I love stripey tops so much. It is becoming an obsession. I like to pair the black and white with gold. Reminds me of New Years Eve and parties.

Cream and Leopard

Cream and Leopard

I don’t have a leopard cardigan but I have decided that I need one in my life. This is cute. The red bow shoes, the glitter belt, the cream top. This would be a great outfit for my office christmas party. Festive, but not blinged out. Perfect for my office.

And now I must get back to my magazines and mojitos.


4 responses to “Office wear redux

  1. Joanna Lea

    Very very very cute choices! Can I borrow your clothes? 🙂


  2. I’m gonna mug you for that leopard outfit. And I’m not even an animal print girl.

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