Grandpa Knew From Comfort and Style.

Since as we all know Steph is a huge jerk away this week basking in the glory that is the Cuban sun and surf, I have been made even more painfully aware of my own non-vacationing existence here in gloomsville (it is truly gloomy; we are not having any of those gloriously crisp bright fall afternoons up in this bitch. It’s all grey, all the time here).

But, seeing as I am trying (trying so hard, you guys!) to be a more positive, sunny side up, glass half full kind of gal (frankly, I’m annoyed with me already) I am looking on the bright side of my weather predicament.  I mean, it’s not raining, and I’m – fingers crossed – at least a month away from having to dig my car out of my garage every morning. I’ve not experienced any weather patterns that the Weather Network our my  insurance company would refer to as ‘An Act of God’, so that’s positive, right? Plus, gloomy-chilly sad-sack days like these make me want to wrap up in what I lovingly refer to as ‘Papa Cardigans’.

Background: I had a cool as shit Scottish immigrant grandfather – aka Papa. He literally never ate, not in all his 85 years, anything other than porridge for breakfast and you could set your watch by his 9pm tea. He was a Hollywood handsome WWII airman, a closeted artist, a voracious reader and walked everywhere he went. The aspect of his personality that rubbed off on me the most was likely his sarcastic sense of humour and his complete inability to tolerate bullshit. You’re welcome. Or thank you, I guess.

Anyway, the point is, my memories of him are many and wonderful, but one that really stays with me are visions of him in his sweaters. You know the kind. Earth toned and wide knit or waffled, buttons, rather shapeless.   They remind me of bologna sandwiches and trips to the park. They remind me of his marigolds in the garden and reading hard cover books from the library on the front porch all summer. Well, guess what? That look is totally in style now, and it’s socially acceptable for me to wear my oversized shapeless cardigans outside the home. Don’t be fooled, I 100% did this before it was trending.

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That’s right ya’ll, Justin Bieber is wearing them! Super-duper high level teenaged girl trend alert!

You, as a grown adult woman or man can definately wear them though. They’re called grandpa sweaters for a reason, no? Below, some inspirations:


Pair a grandpa cardigan with a dress and some ankle boots for a perfectly chic and comfortably warm date night outfit. Throw one on with your favourite jeans, riding boots and a great scarf and you’re ready for a day full of errands. You can even take the look to the office, wearing it with a pencil shirt and feminine sheer blouse. Just make sure to keep the rest of your look tailored to avoid looking sloppy.


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