When pyjamas aren’t acceptable

This week has been a bad one for me. I’m sick with one hell of a head cold, work is super busy, and I just got back from vacation so I had no clean clothes or groceries.

You know what this post should be about? How to dress for work when you feel like death, and all your sick days have been used up because its one month from the new fiscal year so you really do have to go to work. And when you have to go out for dinner or coffee or to the grocery store.

So, think outfits that make you look like a reasonable human being but feel like you have been wrapped in a soft warm cocoon.

My advice on that one is jeggings or leggings and boots and a short dress or long tunic top (CYA though,my friends. CYA…The golden rule of the legging). Put a grandpa cardigan on. Drink lots of tea. And put lots of tissues and cough drops in your pockets! This is not as good as a pair of pyjamas, clearly, but its all I’ve got.

Sick at Work


You know what, this is what this post is about! Sorry, you guys. I am going to go and decongest myself now.

P.S. Did you know that you can watch Blossom on YouTube? I know what I will be doing this weekend while I recuperate!


2 responses to “When pyjamas aren’t acceptable

  1. jane

    Is it bad that I pretty much wear this style to work every other day, despite not being sick?
    Classy comfy is the way to go!

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