Don’t Have a Holiday Party Meltdown

Holy shiz, you guys, have you looked at a calendar lately? Are you aware that it’s November 21st? American Thanksgiving is this weekend, it’s frigid outside and I’ve finally, begrudgingly lugged my huge winter dog-walking coat out of storage. This combination can mean only one thing: Holiday parties of all sorts are about to being at literally any second!

This time of year is for sure stressful, what with all the shopping and traveling and the myriad friend/family/work events we are all committed too. Don’t get me wrong, I love a party, a cocktail and gift exchange, but the sheer volume of obligations is terrifying and tiresome.

If you’re like us, the best and worst part of this time of year is the getting ready to party part. What is appropriate to wear to the office party? What is the dress code at my new boyfriend’s mother’s Christmas dinner? How sexy are we going for NYE this year? And how do we pull this all together without looking like one of Santa’s elves slapped with us with the peppermint Christmas stick? Just thinking about it will make your head spin with sequins and skirts and sweaters!

Never fear dear readers. We are here to help you navigate the waters of trends and tradition to make sure you are on point at every holiday event.


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