Holiday Mission: The Office Party

The first holiday event most of us will have to tackle this season is the office party. The office party is special for a number of reasons. First, it’s a non-professional gathering of the people who you probably spend the most time with, but in reality aren’t necessarily that close to. You want to maintain some level of formality and professionalism, but also not seem like a stuck-up-no-fun-wet-blanket. That’s a hard line to walk.

Also, it presents some pretty tricky fashion problems. Do I simply wear to the after work party what I wore to work all day? What if the shin-dig is on the weekend and I’m not coming directly from the office? Either way, it’s the holidays and you want to take the opportunity to be festive and fun…but not too fun, its the office party, after all, you have to look these people in the eye on Monday.

If your party is after work/in the office

Office Party

There are some really easy ways to make your office outfit, work for a night of drinks with your colleagues. The easiest is to switch out your understated work appropriate accessories for something that makes more of a statement. My favourite way to go from work to play is to trade my sensible shoes for something fun and maybe a little over the top. Trade your briefcase/leather bag for something small and glittery and you’re holiday ready!

If your party is on the weekend/at a restaurant/banquet hall etc.

Golden Goddess

This look will of course depend expectations presented by the venue. No matter the place though, there are a few office party rules to keep in mind. While this is a party and we hope you’ll have lots of fun, it is still the office party, so keep the sexy to a minimum. Wear a dress with measurements (hemline and neckline) that you would feel comfortable in on a work day, but maybe try a sassier silhouette. Holiday-ify it by choosing a festive colour, indulging in glittery bits and statement accessories. We’ve created a festive gold goddess, but other metallics and any jewel tones are also great this time of year.

Check back tomorrow for what to wear to religious occassions with your significant other’s family.


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