Holiday Mission: Jammie-Jams

The best part of the Holidays, for me anyway, really is Christmas morning. It doesn’t matter how old I get, or how insane and stressful the lead up can be, somehow on the morning of the 25th the childlike magic really does get me. In my family we all still congregate at my parents house – though we have, in our old age, pushed by our meeting time back to something a little more reasonable. We used to be up at the crack of dawn, my sister and I shouting at my parents from the top of our winding stairs “Did he come yet? Can we get up?” while my parents no doubt scrambled to get the last of the gifts under the tree. No matter where you’ll be Christmas morning, or with whom you will share those fantastic early morning hours, there is one thing we all have in common: We need cute, festive snuggley jammies to do it in. Below a few of our favourite Christmas morning options!

Christmas Comfies

Don’t forget to add twinkle lights, hot chocolate, presents and your favourite people!


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